City Pair Madrid-Boston

Authors: Egecan, Boran, Sayed

Flight information about Madrid-Boston in detailed with (Cities, Airports, Direct Flights, Flight Capacity, Route Traffic)…

Our departure city Madrid is the capital of the Spain with 3.166 million population. %7 of Spain’s people live in Madrid. The destination city is Boston with 0.685 million population. %0.21 of the US’s people live in Boston. The distance between two city with aeronautical route is 5480 km.

When we look at the Madrid Barajas International Airport(MAD) which is the 4th most crowded airport in the Europe with 52 million pax average every year. Madrid airport is using as transfer point for passengers. Boston Logan International Airport(BOS) which is the 16th busiest airport in the US with 27 million pax every year.

If we look at the direct flights from Madrid to Boston in 30 May,2019;

We can see that there are two airlines that flying this route. One of them is Iberia Airways and the other is Norwegian Air.

Iberia Airways


A/C type : Airbus 330 with 278 passenger capacity

Load Factor : %81.2 (According to Iberia Annual Report)

Norwegian Air


A/C type : Boeing – 787 with 350 passenger capacity

Load Factor : %87.5 (According to Norwegian Annual Report)

Iberia Airways operates this flight with A330 which has 278 passenger capacity, Norwegian Air operates this flight with Boeing-787 which has 350 passenger capacity. Therefore total passengers who will go to Boston from Madrid with direct flight is 628 (Available Seat)

Load Factor can find by dividing revenue passengers kilometers (RPK) by available seat kilometers (ASK) (LF=RPK/ASK). By using this formula we found the airline terminologies for this flight.


Yearly Load Factor(LF): %81.2

Revenue Passenger Kilometers(RPK): 1,237,033

Revenue can be found by RPK/distance –> RP=225,75

Available Seat Kilometers(ASK): 1,523,440

Available Seat can be found by ASK/distance AS=278


Yearly Load Factor(LF): %87.5

Revenue Passengers Kilometers(RPK): 1,678,250

Revenue can be found by RPK/distance –> RP=306,25

Available Seat Kilometers(ASK): 1,918,000

Available Seat can be found by ASK/distance AS= 350


Southwest Annual Report

Norwegian Annual Report

One world Map


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