Airline Safety Record

Authors: Boran Kul, Sayed Hgazy, Egecan Dingersu

Throughout the aviation history, millions of people questioned the safety of flights. And it’s still questioned. There are several reasons laying under that situation. For instance, the idea that travelling in the sky. So generally people have no idea how planes stay in the air and they think aircrafts could fall with the effect of gravity or crash another aircraft or flying object in the sky. They are also afraid of being in an unusual or dangerous situation during take off or landing such as missing the runway during the landing or crashing with another plane during take off or landing.  Another reason that laying under fear of flying is the accident report of all the airlines. Therefore, people learn about the accidents from the news and start to think about whether they or their family would experience those kind of accidents. Also, when an accident occurs and the operator of that flight is learned by people, that airline lose reputation and started to be questioned. Therefore, the accident reports of the airlines. In this article, we are going to analyse the accident reports of 3 airlines: Southwest Airlines, Fly Emirates and British Airways.

Let’s have a look at the accident/year data of Southwest Airlines. It was founded in 1967. So it has a 52 year service experience. In this 52 years, it has 65 accidents that recorded. They have 2 fatal accidents and the rest of all are minimal accidents without any death. Not only southwest airways, for every airline accidents are adverse for their economics. They lost  their reputation and people starts to find new airways to fly somewhere.

Emirates flight 521 :

It’s a scheduled flight from India to Dubai using Boing 777-300 on 3 August 2016 , the aircraft carried 282 passengers and 18 crew crashed while landing in Dubai international airport , all of the 300 people on bored survived the accident, 24 were injured ,although from the ground team an air port firefighter died during the rescue operation and another 8 workers were injured from the ground team.

This accident was the first hill loss of an aircraft operation by Emirates , the general civil aviation authority is responsible for the investigation, a preliminary report found that the pilot attempted to take off agian after briefly touching down and then the plane ultimately hit the runway as its panthers was still retracting.

As a result of this actions the airport closed for five and half hours and according to that they canceled a lot of flights and lost a lot of money and made 23.000 passengers changes tickets and canceling flights , after eight days of the crash , Emirates provided 7000 dollar in compensation for each of the 282 passengers.


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