British Airways Pax Forecasting

Authors: Egecan Dingersu, Boran Kul, Sayed Hgazy

Passenger forecasting is crucial for airlines to predict how many passengers will be carried in the next years. According to data, airlines preparing their future plan. For instance if we look at British Airways, we can see that number of passengers usually gradually increased.

Here is the British Airways’ Passenger forecasting with Linear Trendline

There is a forecasting with exponential trendline

We expect that British Airways’ next year total passenger carriage will be 47.999 million.



Onboard pilot speech

Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Welcome on board. This is your captain Egecan Dingersu is speaking and I have some information about our flight. Our flight time today will be 6:35 p.m and our estimated time of arrival in izmir is 7:50 p.m. The weather in our route is good but we expect moderate turbulence before landing. The temperature at our destination is 20 degrees celsius. with a bit overcast. we wish you a pleasant flight and we hope to see you again in soon. On behalf of all our crew, thank you for choosing Turkish Airlines as your airline today.

Airline Safety Record

Authors: Boran Kul, Sayed Hgazy, Egecan Dingersu

Throughout the aviation history, millions of people questioned the safety of flights. And it’s still questioned. There are several reasons laying under that situation. For instance, the idea that travelling in the sky. So generally people have no idea how planes stay in the air and they think aircrafts could fall with the effect of gravity or crash another aircraft or flying object in the sky. They are also afraid of being in an unusual or dangerous situation during take off or landing such as missing the runway during the landing or crashing with another plane during take off or landing.  Another reason that laying under fear of flying is the accident report of all the airlines. Therefore, people learn about the accidents from the news and start to think about whether they or their family would experience those kind of accidents. Also, when an accident occurs and the operator of that flight is learned by people, that airline lose reputation and started to be questioned. Therefore, the accident reports of the airlines. In this article, we are going to analyse the accident reports of 3 airlines: Southwest Airlines, Fly Emirates and British Airways.

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